This game is created for the Summer Slow Jams August 2019. The theme is Ancient History.

How Play :

The goal is to answer at question with the right affirmation. You need to answer fast because you life decrease slowly with time. Be careful from the Zeus anger.

Controls :

- Press Space when you thinks this is a wrong affirmation

- Press Enter when you thinks this is a correct affirmation

- Press R for reload the game

Credits :

Developper : Choz & Malorke

Game Design : Choz

Sound Design : Kayupla

Malorke page :

Kayupla page :

Have fun !


The Hoplite Lesson - 18 MB

Development log


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Really fun game, I loved the sound effects and the concept. The only problem I saw which could be fixed with a bit of extra development is later in the game to make new fake or new facts that would challenge the player even more. That being said - its a really quality game :)