Before to start play it is recommended to read the rules menu for a better comprehension

Tiny Tiny Duel is a strategic game and created for the #LOWREZJAM2018. In this card game you should made duels versus the IA to improve your cards and upgrade your stats. The IA has 3 levels of difficulties. All rules are detailed in the rule menu. 

This game is composed of 15 cards and stats player

  • 5 x power cards
  • 5 x healing cards
  • 5 x monsters cards
  • Life player
  • Attack player

For browse in the game

  • Use arrows for browsing
  • X for Validate/Pick
  • C for going back


[Windows] Tiny Tiny Duel 856 kB
[Linux] Tiny Tiny Duel 475 kB
[MACOS] Tiny Tiny Duel 1 MB


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I like the concept of the game, shame that you can abuse the system by just grinding easy mode. But despite that I like this :D